Where to find the best, purest hemp powder

Hemp seeds come from the hemp plant (cannabis sativa), a fibrous species of plant most well-known for its historical use in making textiles, rope and paper. Hemp and its derived seeds are not the same plant as its THC potent cousin, marijuana.

Hemp has been grown and used extensively in all parts of the world for thousands of years. The small seeds are promoted these days by health food enthusiasts as the latest super-food. This is because the seeds are a highly nutritious food, containing more quality plant-based proteins and fats than most other legumes, nuts and seeds.

The seeds have a nutty, sweet flavor that can be enjoyed in salads, a topping for meals or added to blended drinks and assorted recipes. They contain all the essential fats and proteins that the human body needs to maintain overall good health. It is illegal to grow hemp as a food or resource crop in the USA and many other countries, although these laws are slowly being decriminalized in some parts of the world.

What is hemp powder and where is there a trusted source?

Hemp protein powder comes from grinding the tiny, nutrient-rich seeds of the hemp plant (Cannabis sativa). The powder is an excellent, easily digested protein source for vegans and non-vegans alike, and is excellent for athletes and sportsmen/women. The hemp protein helps with fatigue, is known to enhance the immune system and can also protect the kidneys.

Hemp protein powders are rich in fiber, which can lower one’s risk of heart disease, type-2 diabetes, constipation and diverticulosis, according to the Harvard Public School of Health. A single serving of hemp protein powder can provide a significant portion of the 20 to 35 grams of fiber per day recommended for adults.

Pesticides are used for much of the hemp cultivation taking place at the moment. For the body to benefit from hemp powder protein, the purest organic seeds need to be found for its production. Protein powder is big business, and advertisers will often say whatever it takes to sell their products. So where can one go? One trusted source is Natural News, whose mission is to sell only the best quality, pure, organic products. The protein powder in their store is laboratory verified for heavy metals and there are no fillers, sweeteners, flow agents or excipients (inactive substances) used in its production.


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