Whoopi Goldberg launches her own medical marijuana company to help women with PMS

Celebrity actress and comedian Whoopi Goldberg has been quite open with her own cannabis use, admitting that she uses it to relieve pain for glaucoma-related headaches. She is now launching a medical marijuana company to help women and girls find relief from painful menstrual cramps.

The “Whoopi & Maya brand” will be available only in California to people to have a medical marijuana card and will be available in dispensaries around the state in the next few weeks. The products include a marijuana infused bath soak, tincture, balm and drinking chocolate. Brushed off by men in the marijuana business, who referred to marijuana for PMS as too “niche a market”, Whoopi decided to go into the marijuana business herself, along with a partner.

Does marijuana help with menstrual cramps?

Cannabis use for cramps is not new. Women in the past relied on cannabis to combat a range of illnesses, and now the trend is to try it for just about everything, especially as it becomes decriminalized. In the state of California, for example, PMMD (premenstrual dysphoric disorder), an extreme form of PMS, is listed as a condition which qualifies sufferers for a medical marijuana card.

Of course, no studies have been conducted on the subject of PMS and marijuana because marijuana is banned on a federal level. However, marijuana is known to relieve pain, help with sleep problems, decrease anxiety and depression. Many women report that low doses of cannabis during their menstrual cycle has definitely helped them to overcome these types of symptoms. Other PMS symptoms include headaches, digestive problems, cravings, lowered coordination, fatigue, mood swings and negative thought patterns.

According to Goldberg told Glamour her daughter and granddaughters had inherited her “horrific” cramps, so these products are designed to bring comfort and relief to women who suffer from bad bouts of PMS, without making them so high that they cannot continue with their daily routine.





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