Identifying the polyphenolic compounds and antioxidant activity of Finola oilseed hemp

Researchers from the University of Messina in Italy have found a specific type of hemp that contains potent antioxidant properties. In their article, which appeared in Phytotherapy Research, they looked at the antioxidant activity of cold-pressed seed oil of finola hemp (Cannabis sativa L. ‘finola’), as well as the polyphenolic compounds present.

  • For the study, the team evaluated the antioxidant activity of both lipophilic (LF) and hydrophilic fractions (HF) of finola hempseed oil (FHSO).
  • Researchers used an HLPC analysis to determine the qualitative and quantitative composition of the phenolic fraction of FHSO.
  • The results revealed the FHSO has high antioxidative properties, based on the results of DPPH radical (146.76 mmol of TE/100 g oil) assay. In addition, an inhibited ??carotene bleaching showed that it quenched a chemically generated peroxyl radical in vitro and showed high ferrous ion chelating activity.
  • They also found that the reactivity of the hemp towards 2,2??azino?bis (3?ethylbenzothiazoline?6?sulfonic acid) radical cation and ferric?reducing antioxidant power values were 695.2 µmol of TE/100g oil and 3690.6 µmol of TE/100 g oil respectively.

The researchers noted that FHSO has potent antioxidant properties because of the number of phenolic compounds — in particular, flavonoids like flavanones, flavonols, flavanols, and isoflavones — present in the fractions.

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Journal Reference:

Smeriglio A, Galati EM, Monforte MT, Lanuzza F, Dangelo V, Circosta C. POLYPHENOLIC COMPOUNDS AND ANTIOXIDANT ACTIVITY OF COLD-PRESSED SEED OIL FROM FINOLA CULTIVAR OF CANNABIS SATIVA L. Phytotherapy Research. 2016;30(8):1298–1307. DOI: 10.1002/ptr.5623

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